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Have you Heard about “Voice-Mate “Or “Voice-Buddy”?

Currently you leaving in the Digital World in which you covered with technology and also using it with pride.

BUT why you still using old technology and old time consuming way to call international?  And spend your quality time & Money.

Now its time for Change, use Voice-Mate for international call from your home & office, anytime with high quality voice advantage and less monthly rentals with low setup fees. 


Voice-buddy is as simple as your local phone, Call anytime, no more waiting for call, no more dial long digit code, no more busy line. For Voice-buddy you don’t need computer or anything just need SNet Voice-mate Setup Bundles includes Voice-buddy device, Telephone and SNet Uplink or fit with any internet connction provider.

SNet make it easy for you to call anytime to your buddy and family members around the world in a much more less price, so choose one of our Voice-buddy packages and start to call from home or office.


Monthly Rentals

Top Up

Voice-Mate Lime

450 /-

450 /-

Voice-Mate Orange

999 /-


Voice-mate Apple



Account Top-UP



Voice-Mate Lime: USA/Canada/UK Landline- 0.59/min, all ALL Other country standard rates.
Voice Mate-Orange: USA/Canada/UK Landline- 0.49/min, all ALL Other country standard rates.
Voice-Mate- Apple: USA/Canada/UK Landline- 0.40/min, all ALL Other country standard rates.

Installation Charges(Onetime Setup)
Including Voicebuddy Setup, Internet SNet UPlink

Rs. 1150/-
Voicebuddy Work With Your Current Internet Connection YES
NO Need For Computer and extra Device YES

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Call Us Now for Check Availability and Register Your VOICE-buddy service.
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SNet Sales: (02692) 64 52 48 Email: sales@snetsolution.com


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