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SNet SIP is a business grade Voice, and Data solution designed to replace traditional, ISDN and PSTN, telephone lines. Converging voice and data into one solution, it enables additional functionality that improves communication efficiency, provides added flexibility and reduces costs.

SNet SIP offers your business new functionality through the use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based virtual lines or SIP trunks. This means calls are routed by a soft-switch where all calls are converted into information (data packets) and transmitted via SNet' tier-1 national IP network.

This methodology ensures calls are delivered securely on dedicated resources using Quality of Service (QOS), and not on the Public Internet, as is the current practice of most SIP providers today.
A virtualizes voice solution also delivers new call routing features, previously only available through costly system upgrades. With SNet SIP these features are available and easily manageable via a web portal, giving you flexibility and salability.


Let your business benefit from a modernized voice solution - SNet SIP.

Cost Reductions, Scalability, Flexibility, Security, Communication Efficiency, Business Continuity

SNet SIP leverages IP technology and cloud computing to deliver high performance and cost effective telephony.

Call Configuration, Voice Codec Compression Customizable, Full Call functionality, Converged Voice and Data Solution

We offers

Best Suitable Service for Call center, SME, Home users

Extra VAS

Basic Calling Features, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call History, Call Hold, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding.


User-Friendly Administration Interface
Web-base Monitoring and Administration
Call Statistics and Calling Detail Records
IVR/Auto-Attendant Features
Music on Hold
Attendant Override (Barge-In)
Customizable Greetings
Configurable IVR Menu
Mailbox Access Control (PIN)
Configurable Mailbox Size
Customizable Greetings
Message Priority
Security Features
Built-in Firewall
Secure Web Administrative and User Access for Configuration

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