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The SNet Economy bundles including high speed Broadband with Snet Uncap advantage, i - security for better security of your data and device, and also Snet Voice2Go credit, also Snet provide you high secure Wi-Fi Router to access your wlan enable device such as laptop, ipod , wlan mobile and etc.

One good things is Snet Provide this Package Access without Installation charges, so just grab our TOTAL BROADBAND, and enjoy high speed internet with all require stuff.see below all details about bundles and sign up instantly to getting bundle discount.

Monthly Access Fee
Rs. 1250 /-
Broadband Monthly Data Allowance
50GB in Peak + Uncap in Off-Peak
Broadband Speed
512Kbps(9am to 8pm) + Uncap(9pm to 8am)
Plan Length
12 Months
Internet Security
Free i-Security
Modem Charges
Free Wi-fi Router
Voice2Go Credit

Minimum Total Cost : 12 months X Rs.1250 = Rs.15,000.Voice2Go Top-Up Extra.Uncap is a extra value added service for SNet Client who love to access unlimited speed with no data limit. its automatically activated from 9pm to 8am.Broadband Speed Depands upon Snet node traffic and also speed maintain subjected to TRAI Broadband Rules and Regulation.(All Broadband Speed Rate is average or UP To Rate and not committed Rate).All tariff available only in Snet network Reach and other terms and condition subjected to change.

Router Requirement

Broadband Modem
Wireless & 4 Port N Router
Rs.3500 /-
Wireless B/G Router
Free(with Contract)

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